Curly Hair Don’t Care

Have you been struggling with hair that is insane, out of control and now you’re frazzled and lost and just want to scream out at the top of your lungs!, why?! Well, I understand the frustration, people always say ‘wow, I love your curls, you have such beautiful hair’, well those people have never had the struggle of trying to tame a head full of curls. Those of us that have fought with our ‘beautiful locks of joy’ understand the day to day tasks and requirements that come with having curly hair and for all the unpredictable nonsense that we’ve been through we should all be paid for our battles. In the past, women favored the long straight and smooth hairstyle and look, well not anymore, curly is coming back. So, how do you keep the curls looking shiny, in place and vibrant?


Keep Them Shiny

First, always use a two in one shampoo and conditioner, reason being regular shampoo tends to be way too dry. Try not to over use the shampoo because it dries out your hair, curly hair depends on our own natural oils that supplements just can’t reproduce or duplicate. There are plenty of brands out there that can do a good job, however, one thing to try and enforce is ‘sulfate free’ shampoo and conditioner.¬† You see sulfate was used in a lot of products in the early 1900’s, basically as a cheap filler, of course over the years and after plenty of research it turns out that sulfate can actually harm you and some studies even relate it to cancer.

Second, always use a conditioner that’s intended for curls, trust me it makes a difference. The more you use, the better and use from root to tip, you really want to get a nice deep conditioning whenever possible.

Third, use a deep condition daily and use it unsparingly. There is an excellent one from John Frieda and understand that some times quality does come with a bit of a price. Now, try not to rinse entirely from your hair, it’s ok to leave some in for wetness and make sure you allow it to soak in for a good 3-4 minutes. You’ll be dumb founded in the difference and feel.

The last thing¬† you want to do would be to turn the water on nice and chilly and give it a good final rinse that is thorough. Once that is done you are going to want to combed through your hair and when you’re in the shower another good thing is after shower too. An excellent way to perform wonders. Ultimately, a final treatment that was good additionally infused with Morrocan oils may function as the dissimilarity between great outcome or an effect that was great. Never blow dry and do not use the flat iron if you’re seriously interested in healthiness of your hair. For seriously damaged hair some might find that a process is what’s needed, some speak highly of the Brazilian Blowout, as well as other hair straightening treatments, but some don’t advise to it, do your research, ask your stylist or you can go to the best salon in your area, you’ll never know until you ask.